As an Independent Celebrant I conduct 'Funeral services, ' which can follow a traditional funeral style theme and are very personal and unique to celebrate the life of your loved one. I'm more than happy to discuss more 'think outside the box' style funerals too. 

I can also conduct, 'Celebration of Life ceremonies,' which can take place after the funeral or interment. Although funerals held at a Crematorium or Church do celebrate the life of your loved one, for those who are grieving it can be a very emotionally draining time. Once the service is over you may want to think about where to scatter their ashes or, in fact, decide that having a separate ceremony at a beautiful venue, or outside in a woodland garden would be a fitting tribute to your loved one's life. It can be full of fun and laughter, where family and friends gather to share stories and to raise a glass to honour the life of someone so special. It might have been the wish of the deceased for a party to be thrown to celebrate their life. You will always mourn the loss of your loved one but you will also have such happy memories of the send off you gave them. I have my own personal experience of this. When my parents passed away, five months apart, we had the traditional style crematorium funeral but then the following summer we had a get together at my sister's house in Cornwall, where my parents had lived for the last few years of their lives. We had a celebrant conduct a simple service in the garden, which included a poignant reading and then we placed their ashes, together, into a wishing well planter. We then had a big party and laughed and cried as we shared their life stories. I know that they would have been so pleased with their send off and the memories of that special day I will cherish always.